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Bons Academic Services is a small consultancy specializing in building bridges between the Business World and Academia. The services are in three distinct areas, all aimed at trying to make a difference by providing deeper insight:

  1. We bring years of experience in multi-national companies to the academic world, helping institutes and individual scientists to run a more professional operation and to be in better alignment with requirements from the business world, increasing chances on cooperation projects.
  2. We help companies exploring the vast pool of fresh ideas in science. It tends to be difficult for companies to access research publications and apply them in their strategy and/or product development. Waiting for the Big 5 to digest them, or worse, the airline magazine to discuss them, will take away any chance to make a difference.
  3. Teaching and training. Perhaps the most gratifying way to make a difference. Guest lectures and dedicated in-company training can be offered, with the reservation that they do not interfere with the professorship at FOM University of Applied Sciences in Essen, Germany.

We specialize on areas where business and IT (“all things digital”) meet, in particular Big Data, Internet of Things, cyber-security and Business Model Innovation – Industry 4.0.

The company is run and founded by Roger W.H. Bons who is the primary resource for projects and teaching assignments. For larger projects we cooperate with a network of senior academic and/or managerial partners.